We produce and sell our own honey at the farmstand!
Marshall Farm Honey is available to purchase in 1 lb and 5 lb jars.

We work hard to maintain healthy hives through sustainable practices, such as keeping a constant supply of pollen and nectar to our hives. Whether it be a sunflower or clover crop, our honey bees always have food even in the dearth of Summer.

Our honey bees play a vital role in pollinating our vegetable crops, cut flowers, and native plants that are important in our ecosystem.

Pasture-raised Eggs and Poultry

Our birds are pasture-raised and forage on grass, bugs, and grubs, with a supplemental organic feed.

They have plenty of room to roam, stretch their wings in the sunshine, and dust bathe.

The meat chickens get moved daily to fresh grass, and our egg-laying birds are on a one-acre rotation around the fields.

We use regenerative farming techniques, which include pasture rotation to provide optimal health for the birds, and proper manure distribution for soil health.

We believe that our job as farmers is to take care of the land first.

Our self-named “Chick Inn” consists of two mobile chicken tractor coops that we built ourselves over four months.

Every detail of these coops was well thought out to replicate the chickens’ natural environment. The flooring consists of 1” PVC pipe, so the chickens’ feet naturally wrap around it to mimic them roosting on a branch in a tree.

They are two of the largest chicken tractors in Eastern Massachusetts.

Although the chickens are out on pasture in the daylight, these coops keep them safe at night from predators like owls, coyotes, and foxes.